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Carron Baths

Carron is the UK’s premier bath manufacturer. Every bath is hand finished to the exacting standards that have been their benchmark since the first Carron works opened in 1759.

Carron Baths

Carron are proud to announce that they have renewed their membership of the Made In Britain campaign. 

The idea for a universal marque to identify products made in Britain was conceived by Stoves, the Prescot-based, world famous cooker manufacturer. This lead to the development of the Made in Britain Campaign which supports and promotes British manufacturing, enabling buyers and consumers, at home and abroad to identify British made products.

Carron joined the campaign in 2014 with the likes of Belling, Formica and the legendary Thomas Crapper & Co. and although the full list of the members is diverse, they all have one essential element in common. All members manufacture their products in Britain. This results in money spent in the country being reinvested back into the economy. This helps the industry and workforce but also contributes to further spread the message that British manufacturing is booming.

All baths made by Carron are built in Scotland.

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